Wood Borer Control Services

Top Wood Borer Control Services in Jaipur

Borer is also known as Woodworm and Furniture Beetle in other parts of the world. The larvae of the beetle eat through wood; not just the wood of your house, such as weatherboards, floorboards and joists, they also eat untreated wooden furniture.

You may find flight holes appearing in the surface of the wood, these are where adult beetles have eaten their way out.

What Causes Wood Borer Infestation?

There are factors that can increase one’s chances of woodworm infestation.

  • Woodboring beetles are allowed to fly. Their flight is limited to some degree, but still enough to pass through open windows, as any other bug should have done.
  • The greater chance of receiving such pests is outdated or second-hand furniture. There is a chance the furniture was formerly used in an infested household or kept in a position of other possibly infested furniture. To minimize these risks, take a close look at any furniture that comes into your house.
  • High humidity due to under ventilated areas.

Our wood borer beetle treatment includes

  • An extensive inspection of all the wooden furniture, structures, and accessories.
  • Detection of the hidden spots too.
  • Identification of the level of infestation.
  • Treating the infested areas with safe and also by eco-friendly insecticides.
  • Injecting wood preservative chemicals into the holes made by beetles.
  • Additionally spraying or brushing the entire infested area to prevent further damage.
  • Sealing the treated areas or holes with wax or white cement or similar material, which is suitable for filling the hole or material.
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