Pre-termites control service

Best Termite Pest Control Service in Jaipur

Rajasthan Pest Control Services provide you pre construction anti termite treatment, best termite pest control service in Jaipur. Termites are damage causing pests, they live close to the wood and can be found under carpets, in furniture, in books etc.

They cause severe damage to the wood by eating it up and making tunnels. For their and control first the places that they are residing in are need to be investigated and proper treatment has to be done and our team will make sure they undertake the correct process and eliminate termites from your place.

Pre-construction termite treatment

Termite-resistant pipes are an essential component of the building process. However, if the pipes are not treated before installation, they can serve as a convenient pathway for termites. Electric conduit termiticide treatment is critical for protecting buildings from these pests.
Furthermore, before construction, the chemicals used in this treatment should be applied to channels in walls and pipes. Following that, the channels can be connected to an electric conduit network.

A pre-construction anti-termite treatment may include the use of a chemical emulsion, depending on the type of material used. The treatment must be applied at a specific concentration, as deviation from this standard will reduce the efficacy of the treatment.
Chemicals used during construction should be mixed in a solution of one gallon per ten square feet for best results. This solution is used to create a termiticide emulsion, which is applied to the inside surface of the pipe, where it can reach the smallest opening.

Termiticides used for Pre-construction termite treatment

Termiticides used in pipe treatment for termites can be applied to the soil beneath the floor slab. On contact, these chemicals kill termites and form a barrier around your home. The chemical should be properly mixed with water before being poured into the ground.

The length of the treatment is determined by the size of your home. A gallon of liquid termiticide should be injected every four feet into slabs and walls. A continuous perforated pipe with a diameter of 12mm 14mm 16mm is laid along the subgrade or floor tiles. The pipe contains emitters that distribute the termiticide evenly beneath the floor.
This reduces the risk of untreated areas. Furthermore, the pipe ensures that no clay, debris, or obstructions obstruct the termiticide’s distribution. One of the most important components of anti-termite pipe treatment is a reticulate piping system balancing network.

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